Alpine Escalators, Ranch Grade Chicken, And The Hardy Fandangles Of Your True Nature
What Sets Off A Metal Detector First? (Signed Book To First Answer!)

December 2022

Running On Empty With Gummed Internals And Sacks Of Pepperoni
Chew Up Knowledge And Excrete It On Your Co-Workers
Intangible Pleasures, Imaginary Wealth, Real Disappointment
Getting The Finger In The Driveway, And Bashful Elbows In The Parking Lot

August 2022

Morning Musings With Nataraja And Nescafé At The Portal Of Hell
Drown Your Phalangeal Torment In The Crashing Surf Along The Information Superhighway
Unwelcome Lamb Shanks On The Craft Services Table, And Illegal Offerings Of Grapes And Bagels
Fancy Hollywood Directors Get Upset When Boots Are Not As Resplendent As Expected
Today Will Not Go Well, Go To Bed Early

July 2022

The Early-Bird Gets "Notified Anyway"