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Subscribe to get full access to my new humorous literary fiction novel, Agitarius | Unabridged 12 Month Astrological Guidance as it is released on a daily basis through Substack. There will be other goodies too for fans of absurdist satire, like excerpts from my previous book, discussions, and maybe some giveaways. Let’s figure it out together and have some fun.

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As it is a horoscope farce, the plan is to release Agitarius on a day-by-day basis as 366 easily digestible microchapters, though it will probably just be 2-3 posts per week. That project is primarily a work in progress, so you get to be a part of a book as it evolves and climaxes in near-real time!

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One reason I wanted to start this Substack is because I think it can be difficult to find good humorous, offbeat literary fiction writers, agents, and communities. Join me and the lonely horde of politically incorrect writers and readers who enjoy a clever turn of phrase, and an appreciation for absurdist satire.

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Carter Ettore assembled himself by working in and around warehouses, dump trucks, parking garages, airports, soundstages, and marketing agencies. He has eaten cold toast from returned room service carts in Las Vegas hotel hallways. He has eaten hot, jellied crêpes along the banks of the Seine. Razorback is Ettore’s debut novel. Reach out to him directly on LinkedIn!

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