Agitarius | Unabridged 12 Month Astrological Guidance

Let Carter Ettore help make the coming year one of prosperity, passion, and Patagonian asado. Whether you are trying to tamp down the urge to strangle your boss, dodging existential climate emergencies, or in battles with the Bureau of Youth Engagement (BYE) over the custody of your bloated carnivorous "son", Carter Ettore will guide you through the absolute worst year of your life with 12 full months of exciting day-by-day horoscopes full of vigor and vivacity!

Alpine Escalators, Ranch Grade Chicken, And The Hardy Fandangles Of Your True Nature
What Sets Off A Metal Detector First? (Signed Book To First Answer!)
Running On Empty With Gummed Internals And Sacks Of Pepperoni
Chew Up Knowledge And Excrete It On Your Co-Workers
Intangible Pleasures, Imaginary Wealth, Real Disappointment
Getting The Finger In The Driveway, And Bashful Elbows In The Parking Lot
Morning Musings With Nataraja And Nescafé At The Portal Of Hell
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